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Oti Real Estate
Oti Real Estate

OTIESTATE ™ has been leading  the Georgian real estate market since 2008, delivering iconic residential, commercial and leisure properties for sale in Georgia, across the region and beyond.




We study and research our projects locations for months over, to assure best geological positions with the best surrounding natures & long term prosperity


After our thorough research we initiate development according to the highest European standard at hand with the elegance and comfort in mind.


We manage our development to ensure long term sustainability & ensure the our properties has a minimum of 8% yearly price appreciation

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Oti Real Estate
Oti Real Estate
Oti Real Estate


Why to invest in Georgia ?

We can name many reasons to answer this question, but the first thing to mention is the environment created by the Georgian people, you will not be received in any country with such hospitality as in Georgia.


The cost of 1 sq.m is on average $ 700 – $1200. As in any country, it is cheaper to buy an apartment at the excavation stage, ready–made – more expensive. On average, a studio apartment can be bought for $40,000, a two-room apartment — from $ 50,000 and above. OTIESTATE ™ ‘s portfolio includes  apartments, villas, townhouses, as well as land for development in Tbilisi and Batumi. A separate plus is that real estate purchased for rent and earnings pays off quickly — investments can be returned in 6-8 years.

You can buy a house in Georgia in one day. The registration procedure is one of the fastest and most convenient in the world. No real estate tax, no additional payments. Half an hour in the House of Justice, $40 for renewal — and the property is in your name. You can also buy an apartment remotely. The demand for online transactions especially increased during the pandemic,

if a foreigner buys real estate in Georgia for $ 100,000, he can get a residence permit. A residence permit is a document that allows a foreigner to enter and stay in Georgia, as well as invite another foreigner. It comes in different types. Consider a residence permit when buying real estate.

Oti Real Estate

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