Asureti Paradise


Asureti Paradise to be the first health resort in Georgia, just 15 minutes from the capital, Tbilisi.
The resort consists of 30 German-style glass huts distributed over 8 terraces to be available to all visitors to enjoy the view. The glass igloo consists of two floors with a private garden.
The resort is located in the Asureti area, amidst the mountains and stunning views, as it consists of 8 levels gradually from the bottom to the top so that all visitors can enjoy the views.
Inside the resort, there is a river Asutreti Skhevi, Next to the river, there are springs for sulfur water, which will be one of the most important features within the resort due to the water’s ability to treat many skin and bone diseases and help the body get rid of negative charges.




Category: Residential
Status: Land
License: Available
Concept: Available
Total project area:  23,000 sqm




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